kleivmu fu'ivla

x1 (set) is the relative set complement of x2 (set) in/from/with respect to/relative to set x3 (set; default: the relevant universal set).

See also: "kei'i" (which is the mekso operator cmavo for this same word/concept).

In notes:

x1 (set) is a set such that the complement of which (taken in/relative to superset x3=kleivmu3 (set; default: some universal set)) has property/is characterized by x2 (ka).
x1=traji1 is superlative in property x2=traji2, the x3=traji3 extrema (ka; default: ka zmadu), among set/range x4=traji4, and -- moreover -- (there exists at least one member of) the x52th (li; must be 1 or 2) argument [see note] of this selbri (which) actually has/is/attains said property x2 according to standard x6.