kraili fu'ivla

x1 (abstraction) is/should be a legal/moral right/entitlement/guarantee, normative principle, protection, privilege, power, trait, treatment, duty/obligation, opportunity, freedom, dignity/point of respect, ability, point of equality, natural guarantee, natural ability, inherent property of x2 according to judge/norm/standard x3.

Anything which is (or ideally should be) inherent to or endow a any person/human/x2 universally, at birth/creation and solely for existing - and which is inalienable to them (at least in the context of the society to which they belong or until they choose, by their life choices, to relinquish some aspects of it). krali are a strict subset of kraili. In the U.S. Declaration of Independence, when it says "all men are born equal", the property in which they are born equal is this. Not all of these are positive (in particular, duties (examples: military service, paying taxes) and natural guarantees (example: death) may be unwanted).