krali experimental gismu

x1 (NU) is a legal/moral entitlement of x2 (individual/mass) by standard x3. x2 is a legal person.

Normative principles, variously construed as legal, social, or moral freedoms or entitlements. rarkrali for "natural rights and flakrali for "legal rights"; xuskrali for "claim rights" and zifkrali for "liberty rights"; srakrali for "positive rights" and ri'urkrali/badykrali for "negative rights"; sepkrali for "individual rights" and gumkrali for "group rights"; selcemkrali for "civil rights" and seljeckrali for "political rights"; jiknykrali for "economic rights", jikykrali for "social rights", and klukrali for "cultural rights"; remkrali for "human rights" and dalkrali for "animal rights"; perhaps kralyxai for "violate". Cf. selfla, selzi'e, terzi'e, selzau, selpikta.

In notes:

x1 is free and open source (not limited to software)
x1 (NU) is a social right/entitlement of x2 (individual/mass) by standard x3. x2 is a legal person.
x1=g1 sexually violates/harms/rapes/violates the sexual rights of victim x2=g2=xr2=k2, violation by sexual activity (sex used as a weapon/means of harm), in property x3=xr3 (ka) by resulting in injury x4=xr4 (state), violating right x5=k1 (event) which is morally/legally guaranteed but actually violated under standards x6=k3
k1=r1 (NU) is a natural right of k2 (individual/mass) by standard k3.
p3 (event/state) is a privilege entitled to p2 guaranteed by p1 under conditions p4.
empty/vacuous selbri
x1 (abstraction) is/should be a legal/moral right/entitlement/guarantee, normative principle, protection, privilege, power, trait, treatment, duty/obligation, opportunity, freedom, dignity/point of respect, ability, point of equality, natural guarantee, natural ability, inherent property of x2 according to judge/norm/standard x3.