nildzau fu'ivla

x1 (number) is the vote score of x2 in upvote/downvote system x3

Refers to systems (chiefly on the Internet) that keep a running tally of approval-votes, and sometimes disapproval-votes as well. Syn. se dzaunlai. See 2 in system x3">ma'udzau, 2 in system x3">ni'udzau, adzau

In notes:

x1 cancels upvote-or-downvote for / "unlikes" x2 in system x3
x1 is measured with vote-score x2 (number) in upvote/downvote system x3
x1 upvotes / "likes" / "+1"s x2 in system x3
x1 downvotes / "dislikes" / "-1"s x2 in system x3