nulpa'a lujvo

p1 expects/looks for the occurence of p2 (event), expected likelihood p3 (0-1); p1 subjectively evaluates the likelihood of p2 (event) to be p3.

The value of x3 is a subjective estimate of likeliness according to x1, and is the basic determinant of whether nulpa'a means something like "hope" or "wish" or "expect", although nulpa'a never carries the connotation of desire; for that connotation see pacna. nulpa'a with x3 not very close to 1 has no simple equivalent in English, but for objects/states with negligible expectation it is something like "wishing"; if the state is plausibly likely, it is something like "hoping". In both cases, though, the English implication of emotional desire is not present. The value will usually be expressed using inexact numbers ("li piso'u" to "li piro"); not-necessarily desirous wish, not necessarily desirous hope. See also ba'a, djica, pacna, lakne, cunso.