nunmu experimental gismu

x1 is a non-binary-gendered humanoid person [not necessarily adult]

Umbrella term for any non-man non-woman (in some aspect/consideration/standard) humanoid person. As such, it is a specification of rempre/remna/prenu co-equal with ninmu and nanmu; it generalized some of the aforementioned cases. Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; use instead remna or prenu. See also: ninmu, nanmu, remna, prenu, makcu, bersa, tixnu, paznu, nakni, fetsi, dinti, nanla, nixli, verba, vepre

In notes:

x1 is a non-binary-gendered/hermaphrodite/intersexed (probably also can include: asexual, nongendered, indeterminately gendered) individual of species x2 evidencing non-binary-gender trait(s) x3 (ka); x1 is characterized by not following or fitting into some gender-binary.
x1 is a non-binary-gendered offspring/child of mother/father/parents x2 [not necessarily biological]; x1 is filial (but not a son or daughter)
x1 is a non-binary-gendered sibling of/to x2 by bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3; [not necessarily biological]
x1 is a non-binary-gendered parent of x2 [not necessarily biological]
x1 is a non-binary-gendered and immature/young person of age x2 immature by standard x3
x1 has [self-proclaimed] gender x2 (property of x1)