pisoi'ai PA* cmavo-compound

almost all of/almost 1/almost surely/almost certainly (technical sense), but not "exactly all of" or "guaranteed" (sense: anti-impossible).

Has/of the full measure but is not literally all of the relevant superset (this word is distinct from and does not include the possibility of "piro"); the complementary subset is null but non-empty. In the context of probability, the result is not absolutely and perfectly certain in theory; alternative outcomes are technically possible. See also: "soi'ai", pisu'osoi'ai".

In notes:

pisu'osoi'ai (comp!)
digit/number: at least almost-all of; at least almost-certain; 100%.
soi'ai (exp!)
almost all/almost every/almost everywhere (technical sense): there is a non-universal conull subset (the complementary (sub)set of which is non-empty but of measure 0, where complement is taken with respect/relative to the universal set) of such things that are satisfactory.