pisu'osoi'ai PA* cmavo-compound

digit/number: at least almost-all of; at least almost-certain; 100%.

The complementary set is of measure 0 and may even be empty. Often, when people say "100%", they mean "pi ro"; however, "pisoi'ai" is also possible, but is mutually exclusive with the previous possibility (in the same way that "re" cannot mean "su'o re"). This cmavo string covers both cases and, so, is basically equivalent to "piro jonai pisoi'ai". See also: "soi'ai", "piro", "pa", "pisu'esoi'au".

In notes:

pisoi'ai (comp!)
almost all of/almost 1/almost surely/almost certainly (technical sense), but not "exactly all of" or "guaranteed" (sense: anti-impossible).
pisu'esoi'au (comp!)
digit/number: at most almost-none of (0%, taken as a fraction of a whole); the referent set is null and may even be empty.