po'o UI3b cmavo

discursive: uniquely, only, solely: the only relevant case.

See also pamei, mulno, frica.

On affix form:

x1 reflects Japanese culture/nationality/language in aspect x2.

In notes:

x1 possess/is permitted only the right to use x2 (and possibly physically possess x2 as well) under law x3
x1 is/are the only one(s) with property x2 among x3.
xe'o (exp!)
discursive: simply/merely/just, "all there is to it" - not simply, not just, "there's more to it"
x1 is especially x2 (ka); among what satisfies x2, x1 does especially so
x1 is similar to/appears like/seems like x2 in quality/property/aspect x3 (ka), and the argument(s) in the x4th (li; 1 or 2) sumti slot(s) of this word actually attains/has the said quality (vel sim.) x3 according to standard x5.
jbobau zei po'o zei pulji
x1 is the "J B O B A U P O h O" police.