re'au'e SE experimental cmavo

the trivial selbri conversion - identity permutation of terbri

Outputs the terbri in the standard/original/trivial order: x1 broda x2 x3 x4 x5. Useful for answering 'se'u'o' questions.

In notes:

se'u'o (exp!)
selbri conversion question
ze'ai'e (exp!)
selbri conversion: permute all terbri so as to be exactly backward.
ze'au'e (exp!)
last-th conversion: switches the last terbri with the first one.
x1 (node in a tree graph) and x2 (node in the same tree graph) have an essentially unique most recent (graph-nearest) common ancestor node A such that x3 [nonnegative integer; li] is the minimum element of the set consisting only of d(A, x1) and of d(A, x2), and such that x4 [integer; li] is d(A, x1) - d(A, x2), where d is the graph geodesic distance (defined to be infinite if nodes are not connected in the correct direction).