rilsletei lujvo

x1 is tempo of rhythmic movement x2 with the unit x3; x1 is a time interval and corresponds to the unit x3 of a form of rhythm of x2.

Examples: "lo mentu be li fi'u pa re no cu rilsletei lo zgike lo fi'u bi si'e (The tempo of the music piece is 120 eighth notes per minute.)" "la .andantes. cu rilsletei lo selsa'a zo'e (The tempo of the song is Andante.)" "lo mentu be li fi'u xa no ca rilsletei lo mi risna rilti lo pa mei be lo nu lo risna cu cmaze'a ce'o zilxru (My heart rate is 60 per minute.)" See also rilti, selci, temci, rilsle.

In notes:

x1 is the unit of a form of rhythm of x2