sau'e'u COIDOhU experimental cmavo

topicalizer (sumtcita/discursive; somewhat meta): the following discourse is about/relates to/has topic/concerns

This word is good for the subject line in an email or post; in a conversation with multiple topics (and possibly multiple people responding simultaneously with multiple paragraphs for each topic), it can be used as an organizational tool. It is used to put the audience's mind in the proper/correct thought frame (mindset). It does not really change the meaning of the bridi, but it does indicate to what its content semantically pertains or relates. It can be used as a reminder; for example, "Remember when you told me to go to the store? What did you want me to buy?" -> "Concerning the event of my going to the store, what did you want me to buy?" -> "sau'e'u lonu mi klama lo zarci keiku do djica lonu vecnu ma mi". It is not as attached to the bridi as sera'a; this is more discursive and somewhat more meta. The specified topic may endure until the end of the discourse, or the paragraph, or the bridi; it is explicitly cancelled/negated by "sau'e'unai" followed by a pointer to whichever part of the topic is being concluded in thought and discourse; it is taken to be the case that the previous topic is concluded whensoever a new one (even what could be considered a subtopic) is introduced. If Eulojban (more specifically, the diphthong/digraph "eu") is ever accepted (in Lojban) as valid, .krtisfranks. would prefer that this word's meaning get directly transferred to and preserved in "sau'eu", with this word unassigned; likewise for "sau'eunai".

In notes:

ku'au'i (exp!)