selvlapro lujvo

x1 is a word with mutually incompatible definitions/meanings/effects x2 (plural; use connectives) by/in/between rules/standards/dictionar(y/ies) x3 in or for language x4.

Can possibly be extended to mathematical or computer program functions (via their names). This is a type of vlapro. Use x3 in order to specify whether back-compatibility is grounds to remove/exclude such a conflict; for example, if a single word has two definitions such that they are exactly the same except for the presence of extra sumti slots in exactly one of them (such that these slots follow all of those which they share), then the definitions are technically different (thus leading to a conflict by some standards) but can be reconciled/rectified (thereby eliminating conflict by other standards).

In notes:

x1 (word) is in some specification conflict with x2 (word) according to rules/standards x3 in language x4.