sitla experimental gismu

x1 (person) refers to/checks out/confers/looks at/looks up/consults reference or citation x2 for purpose x3.

This is a means of intaking information. Looking up a word in a dictionary, treatments for a certain medical disease, or reading a text which is cited or referenced in another paper in order to gain additional insight on the subject of the latter are all included in this word's scope; the emphasis is not on the searching feature (distinguishing it from "to look up" as in "gugle") but on gaining knowledge/information from a given (usually recorded or recounted) source which is specifically designed for that purpose (so, gaining knowledge from general life experiences is not included, but gaining advice from a narrative recounting of a discrete life experience is indeed included). The means of intaking the information need not be visual, despite the English translations. Some amount of analysis is typically applied after the intake of the information; an actual ability to synthesize the information gained, along with other knowledge already held, is necessary. A citation refers to another source of information, but not in this sense; a person may use such a citation in order to refer to that source of information in this sense though. Using a citation is included in the meaning of this word, but not all instances of sitla are instances of sitpli. See also: "sitna", "lanli".