soi'au PABOI experimental cmavo

almost none/almost no/almost nowhere (technical sense): the subset of satisfactory such things is null but non-empty.

This word does not potentially include "no"; there exists at least one element of the universal set which is satisfactory; for inclusion of either option, use "su'esoi'au"; this extra requirement is analogous to "ci" not including "re" or "su'e ci" and is directly similar to the distinction between "soi'au" and "su'osoi'ai". This word can be used as a quantifier. See also: "soi'ai", "pisoi'au".

In notes:

pisoi'au (comp!)
almost none of/almost 0/almost never/almost certainly not/nearly nothing of (technical sense) but technically being non-empty or possible in theory (not impossible).
soi'auroi (comp!)
almost never/nowhere (default: time sense)
su'esoi'au (comp!)
digit/number: at most almost-none/at most almost-no/at most almost-nowhere; the referent set is null and may even be empty.
soi'ai (exp!)
almost all/almost every/almost everywhere (technical sense): there is a non-universal conull subset (the complementary (sub)set of which is non-empty but of measure 0, where complement is taken with respect/relative to the universal set) of such things that are satisfactory.