su'o PA4 -suz-su'o- cmavo

digit/number: at least (some); no less than.

In definition:

pau'ei (exp!)
mekso operator: power set - produces the set of all subsets of set X1 that are of (any) size (that is) X2 [a nonnegative integer or transfinite/infinite number; default: su'o no].
x1 (text) is written in a dialect where {su'o}, {ro} quantifiers are treated as {su'oi}, {ro'oi} respectively
{su'o re} is the plural quantifier (nullary predicate)

In notes:

x1 is an article/descriptor labelling description x2 (text) in language x3 with semantics x4.
x1 is less than x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni) by amount x4.
pisu'osoi'ai (comp!)
digit/number: at least almost-all of; at least almost-certain; 100%.
su'ero (comp!)
digit/number: any number
x1 reflects Lojbanic Soviet Federative Socialist Republic culture/nationality/community in aspect x2
j1 is a union or loose federation of sovereign states.
x1 happens sometimes in interval x2.
x1=k3 is the relationship between x2=k1, x3=k2, x3...; x1 is a property of x2.
x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3.
x1 is greater than or equal to x2 in property/quantity x3 by amount/excess x4.
bu'ai (exp!)
abstractor: abstractor to create logically quantified selbri variable to be used in predicate logic of third or higher order.
kai'i (exp!)
Property relativizing determiner / unary quantifier constructor. {kai'i} introduces a predicate whose first argument slot becomes filled by the property made by taking the bridi in which this {kai'i} appears and putting {ce'u} into the argument slot in which this {kai'i} argument was located. Put formally, "kai'i brodi cu brodu" = "lo ka ce'u brodu cu brodi". Additionally, a {kai'i} term has a rightward logical scope, like quantifiers and adverbials.
na'ei (exp!)
Contradictory negation of a predicate
no'ai (exp!)
digit/number: absolute zero; nothing; there does not exist; ∄
sei'a (exp!)
converts singular quantifier into plural quantifier
soi'ai (exp!)
almost all/almost every/almost everywhere (technical sense): there is a non-universal conull subset (the complementary (sub)set of which is non-empty but of measure 0, where complement is taken with respect/relative to the universal set) of such things that are satisfactory.
su'ai (exp!)
digit/number: precise to within the stated sigfigs (significant figures/digits); approximately, measured to be approximately, with some error/rounding
su'au (exp!)
digit/number: exact, exactly equal to, no more and no less, mathematically ideally (no measuring or rounding error)
su'oi (exp!)
existential plural quantifier. “There is/are.”
su'o'o (exp!)
digit/number: strictly greater (more) than 0 but strictly less than all (jbo.: "ro").
te'i (exp!)
at a point on time axis
x1 is involved in predicate x2; the latter being true of some argument structure syntactically entails something about the former.
For mo'e x4 x in x1 there exist mo'e x5 y in x2 such that x me'au x3 y; for mo'e x6 y in x2 there exist mo'e x7 x in x1 such that x me'au x3 y.