ta'u'i TAhUhI experimental cmavo

Copy and paste the overall seltau of immediately preceding sumti at this location.

This is a rather basic and crude/clunky form of seltau distribution/duplication. Identifies the most recent sumti (subject to the standard rules of back-counting); in that sumti, it identifies the overall/outermost/last tertau of the whole construct and naively copies all of its seltau, in the order and manner presented, in their entirety; then it pastes them here (where this word was uttered), exactly as they were, as seltau again - this words stands in for that seltau construct and can be replaced by (only) exactly it, in all respects. This means that the seltau may compound with any other seltau present in the current construct; in any case (regardless of the presence of other seltau), the exact semantic interpretation of the referrent/copy-pasted seltau or the tanru construct as a whole may vary from that from which the relevant seltau were copied. Subscript with an integer in order to specify how many sumti to count backward through: "0" indicates the present sumti, "+1" indicates the immediately previous sumti (this is the default or non-subscripted meaning), "n" (for positive integer n) indicates the nth last sumti, "-1" means the next sumti, etc. Since this word acts as a seltau, it will be picked up in an immediately subsequent usage of the same word if the first occurrence is in a sumti. This word must always be followed by an explicit tertau to which it applies. This word need not be used in only sumti. It copies every element of the relevant seltau; it cannot select any proper subsequence thereof. "si" deletes this word and, thus, at once all of the would-be pasted words forming the relevant seltau. In "lo cmalu je cadzu klama mlatu", it copies and pastes only and exactly "cmalu je cadzu klama". Couples with JA as any brivla would when the latter is acting as a seltau. See also: ta'u'u.

In notes:

Copy and paste the overall tertau of immediately preceding sumti at this location.