uencu fu'ivla

x1 (entity) is a document with content x2 (entity)

material substance (including electronic ones) on which thoughts of persons are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol. See also te tcidu, cukta, uenzi, papri, fa'o.

In notes:

dei'ei (exp!)
pro-sumti: this entire document/text
x1 is a questionnaire, form containing a list of questions x2; x1 is a means of gathering information for a survey x2
x1 is an newspaper / magazine / journal article containing x2
x1 is a format, layout of a publication or document x2
x1 is a document containing compromising/blackmailing content x2 (real or fabricated evidence that a participant of x2 doesn't want to be revealed)
x1 is the author of document x2 from the viewpoint of whom discourse of x2 is made