utkazau fu'ivla

x1 is linked by binary predicate x2 (ka) to x3. which in turn is linked by x2 to x4, which in turn is linked by x2 to x5, ...

Open-ended terbri structure of arbitrarily many terms. Functions in a manner similar to "jutsi", "tcaudu", etc. - and, indeed, can be used in order to define each of them in terms of a simple binary operator. Does not imply acyclity or geodecicity of the path through the submitted sumti. Lack of gaps (i.e.: skipping) is implied at the relevant conceptual level (for example: the skull can be so connected to the distal bone of a finger via the sequence of bones which connect them just fine - individual atoms do not need to be listed; however, skipping a bone is could be wrong, depending on context and what the conceptual resolution for the linking objects is). Similar to ".utka" itself, but the list is not a single object which is submitted to a sumti slot of this word; thus the list can be open-ended or even explicitly or implicitly infinite.

In notes:

x1 and x2 are path-linked by binary predicate x3 (ka) via intermediate steps x4 (ce'o; (ordered) list).