va'e MOI cmavo

convert number to scalar selbri; x1 is at (n)th position on scale x2.

In notes:

x1=g1=c2 renovates/renews/updates x2=c1, making it new in property x3=c3 by standard x4=c4.
no'ai (exp!)
digit/number: absolute zero; nothing; there does not exist; ∄
no'e'u (exp!)
digit/number: liminal zero; neither positive nor negative
xi'e (exp!)
scalar subscript
x1 (object) is sufficiently/enough of x2 (ka) for x3 to happen
x1 (terbricmi) is bound to x2 (sumti) by relationship x3 (relationship with two {ce'u} for x1 and x2)