vidvi experimental gismu

x1 is the video/(possibly changing) visual content to/of recording/broadcast x2 displayed/produced by medium/device x3

Differs from tivni in that a given broadcast may have multiple sensory components, but this one deals only with the visual ones; x2 may also not be televized/broadcasted (it could even be a static painting). It differs from viska in that no observer is necessary; a recording inherently has or does not have visual content. See also: snavi.

In notes:

x1 is the sensory media content of type/stimulating sense/containing experience information x2 of recording/broadcast/media x3 displayed/produced by medium/device x4.
xa'e (exp!)
location tense distance: too far to interact with; subjective
x1 (entity) is an Instagram photo/record of x2 (entity) done by x3 (entity) and preserved in page/place x4 (entity)