vrogai lujvo

g1 is a door/gate (movable barrier) in portal/doorway (opening) v1=g2 between v2 and v3, in structure v4.

Also: hinged/swinging barrier or flap, sliding panel, and possibly window. Cf. vorme, gacri, li'avro, kumfa, dinju, pagre

In notes:

x1 is a doorway/gateway/access way between x2 and x3 of structure x4.
gac1 is a fence gate in fence opening v1=gac2 between v2=b2=gra2 and v4=b3=gra2 (unordered), in fence v4=b1.
v1 is an exit out of c2.
x1 is a trapdoor (panel/cover) in portal/doorway (opening) x2 between x3 and x4, in structure x5.