xau'o'o XAUhOhO experimental cmavo

mekso convention cancellation

This word is followed by an evaluated li clause (yielding specifically a number n, which probably is a non-negative integer, or a set thereof (the elements of which will also be denoted by simply n, for simplicity) ). It repeals the nth most recent/last convention (counting backward) for mekso/mathematical expressions defined by xau'e'o. In order to repeal all such conventions (returning to the conventions specified by some grammar collection), the set should include all integers less than or equal to some sufficiently large integer (which might be ro); ro denotes the first rule defined (the last rule counting backward from the most recent)- it does not reference "all rules defined"; the most recent rule is denoted by pa. Any named body/ordered collection of rules (such as ".pemdas.") is treated as being only one rule for the purposes of such counting.

In notes:

mekso convention default specification/definition (explicit)