xau'u'oi GAhO experimental cmavo

elliptical/vague interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker

Claims that the bridi is true for at least one of the options, but it may or may not be true for both options. The endpoint that is so marked has no grammatical/universal dependency on the status of the other endpoint associated with this word; the math may vary from case to case. Compare to: xai'u'oi. See also: ga'o, ke'i.

In notes:

ma'a'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status question marker
xai'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: independent of the other, all options satisfy
xei'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: dependent and coincident/matching with other
xoi'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: dependent and contrary/contraposed with other