xei'u'oi GAhO experimental cmavo

interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: dependent and coincident/matching with other

Claims that the bridi is true for either option of endpoint so long as the other endpoint matches in status; so, the bridi is claimed to be true for the interval specified so long as both endpoints are the same: either both are inclusive or both are exclusive. Neither option is "picked"; either may be substituted into the bridi and the truth value is claimed to remain the same (namely, True). No claim is made regarding the case of their being different (use "je nai xoi'u'oi" for explicit exclusion of this case). The other endpoint status may be explicitly be specified to a definitive realization, but the default will be xei'u'oi as well. See also: xoi'u'oi, xau'u'oi, xai'u'oi.

In notes:

xai'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: independent of the other, all options satisfy
xoi'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: dependent and contrary/contraposed with other