zai'e BAhE experimental cmavo

jargon word indicator; indicates next word is a jargon word

Jargon words are to have a single, defined, specialized meaning within one particular narrow context (e.g. a game, field of study, or industry), but may also be assigned to other meanings in other contexts. // Proposed rafsi: -zam-. Afterthought variant: zi'ai // Jargonic context, if needed, may be explicated using tanru, including with 1 is that which has this name"">bo'ei / me la...ku clauses, or even defined with a specific meaning using the assigned rafsi e.g. samyzamsmacu or gugyl zei zamgri

In notes:

x1 is a Google Group for x2 to discuss/talk about subject x3
x1 is a computer mouse (physical object)
jargon word indicator; indicates previous word is a jargon word
empty string/text/word
x1 is a quark with flavor x2