ze'ai'au experimental cmavo

unary mekso operator: reverse ordered list/tuple X1.

If X1 = (x1, x, then ze'ai'au(X1) = (xn, x; (note the casing). This is essentially equivalent to reindexing/permuting of indices in a specific way. If X1 is an empty list/tuple or is a singleton/one-element list/tuple, then the output is X1. If X2 has infinitely many terms, then the result is indeed the reversal thereof, but accessing any given term becomes basically impossible without the usage of "ro". It is conceivable that this word might be able to be applied to comparison operators/ordering relations, strings, numeric strings (endianness switching), etc. as well.

In notes:

x1 is a formal polynomial with coefficients x2 (ordered list) of degree x3 (li; nonnegative integer) over structure/ring x4 (to which coefficients x2 all belong) and in indeterminant x5.