ze'e'au SEhEhI experimental cmavo

n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges all xa places.

In "xa", "a" is not a variable; "xa" refers to any sumti slot(s) after the first n, where n is a function of the brivla (and is not defined for some brivla), such that it/they is/are part of an open-ended or arbitrarily large relation of mutually similar 'form' (possibly by analogy); for example, all sumti slots of "jutsi" except jutsi1 are xa-type slots. See also: "ze'e'i".

In notes:

se'e'i (exp!)
placed before a selbri, merges x1 and x2 places.
te'e'i (exp!)
placed before a selbri, merges x1 and x3 places (with the new x1 being equivalent to the result of this merging).