zei'o ZIhOI experimental cmavo

Delete all sumti slots of the immediately preceding word which are not explicitly filled excepting the first n (specified by subscript; contextless default: n=0).

Use SE in order to reorder the sumti slots. Typically, the word in question should be a non-cmavo brivla, but this is not always the case. When used as a rafsi, it modifies the last veljvo and deletes all except the first n (subscripted) sumti slots (regardless of any inferred relations between them and the sumti slots of other companion veljvo, or of any implied filling (unless such is actually explicit), which otherwise would or could exist); in rafsi form, the subscript is implied to be 1 (meaning that all except the first unfilled sumti slot is deleted) unless explicitly specified otherwise, else veljvo structure no longer makes much sense; the subscript marker "xi" (proposed rafsi: "-xix-") is required for explicit specification of the subscript unless there is a veljvo bracket or tanru-grouping modifier (such as "ke'e") which makes such interpretation the only possible option from a syntactic, semantic, AND practical standpoint. Proposed rafsi: "-zes-" (because the last letteral for it should be able to cluster tightly with "-xix-").