zi'o KOhA7 -zil- cmavo

pro-sumti: fills a sumti place, deleting it from selbri place structure;changes selbri semantics.

On gloss:

x1 is a place erased from the place structure of the parent predicate according to the rules x2 (property of all the places of the parent predicate including the one filled with x1)

On affix form:

x1 reflects Antarctican culture/nationality/geography in aspect x2.

In definition:

x1=m1=g1 is a Death Star destroying planet x2=po1=pl1 (default zi'o), into pieces x3=po2, with exhahust pipe x4.
x1 dons metaphorical asbestos suit x2 to guard against flames x3 on topic x4 from x5, who disagrees with post x6 for reason x7, not realizing that the post was meant to be sent to x8 rather than all of mailing list x9 (default jboste) where it was posted in response to email x10, whose author wishes selma'o x11 (default SE) were extended to concisely express place x12 of brivla x13 (default besto) which has place structure x14 and too many places because of sadistic whim x15 of brivla-maker x16, who also created brivla x17 which has place structure x18, and so winds up using too many of cmavo x19 (default zi'o) in order to make the brivla ( x13) more usable by standard x20 and wishes they had never heard of the word besto for reason x21, not realizing for reason x22 that it was suggested sarcastically due to boredom x23 of person x24, who is proposing it against better judgement x25 because it is fun by standard x26, but still wishes it had as many places as x27 (default du) for reason x28, and feels like throwing in epistemology sumti x29, because he/she knows both that gismu x30 (default besto) has its place structure defined by run-on sentence x31 and that epistemology sumti are used in gismu x32 by epistemology x33, notwithstanding the fact that x34 actually has a use for besto places x35 (default 1) through x36 (default x7) and wishes this weren't an extremely long and stupid joke, longer than joke x37 and stupider than joke x38 but still appreciated by x39 - a fact which says x40 about them in the opinion of x41 - but not seen as even remotely amusing by x42, who is aware that x43 has a use for the gismu besto because of x45
fills and deletes (in the manner as "{zi'o}") all terbri sumti slots of immediately previous (id est: tagged) word that are not explicitly filled with a sumti.
x1 is an ismu of x2, having the same meaning, but with all places except the x3-th (li/set) zi'o-deleted.
x1 is a regular expression / regex with match string x2 and replacement string x3 (default: zi'o) governed by rules x4

In notes:

x1 (predicate) is true when applied to argument list x2 (sequence)
x1 is so x2 (ka) that x3 (nu); x1=ckajiZ1=ckajiP1=raunzu1 satisfies property x2=ckajiZ2=fatci1=raunzu2=zmadu2 enough that x3=raunzu3, where ckajiP2=kanpe2=zmadu2.
ma1=g1 is a cosmetic/makeup for beautifying me1 in aspect me3, made up of material ma2 in form ma3
x1 is an unknown value/argument, unknown to x2
x1 is transferred/sent/transmitted to x2 from x3 via x4.
x1 (predicate) is true when applied to argument list x2 (sequence)
x1 is not there, missing
f2 (ka) is an ordinary / common / general / typical / usual property among f3.
x1 is a property
x1 is folded/creased at loci x2.
t1 is a tanru component.
ku'ai'i (exp!)
empty/vacuous selbri
null connective operand; used to fill empty places in JOI
nonexistent/undefining it; the selbri is not applicable when the other terbri are filled in the manner in which they are in this utterance/bridi.
Delete subsequent sumti slots.
shows mutual activity between this place and the first place of the current bridi; members participating in the activity are put into the first place (that e.g. can be formed by connecting sumti with {ce} or {jo'u})
x1 is a value / proof of type / proposition x2 under context x3 in (type / logical) system x4.
x1 (abstraction) is the purpose of x2 (object or event)
x1 is an IRC user on channel x2 in network x3.
x1 is a kanji (Japanese logograph) with kun'yomi (native, Sino-Japanese reading) x2, on'yomi (compound, Chinese reading) x3, with etymology/meaning/radical/s x4.
x1 is as if it were (and it might be) in relation x2 with something.
f1 is irreversible/one way/only one direction