jo'au COI3 experimental cmavo

change version/dialect of parser

do'u is the elidable terminator. The morphology and the grammar of cmevla/sumti/selbri following jo'au should conform to the version 134 of the page “BPFK Section: PEG Morphology Algorithm” on the website and the official grammar so that a jo'au clause forms a free modifier compatible with every version/dialect of lojban parser: for example, “jo'au jie bu” and “jo'au xy xi xei” are not meaningful clauses. As a standard usage, jo'au clause appears at the very beginning of the whole text, just as the inverse of the usage of fa'o. The scope of the meaning of jo'au clause spans over the following part until the next jo'au clause appears. Optionally, if the first jo'au clause appears in the middle of a text, the meaning of it spans from the beginning of the text until the next jo'au clause appears. Examples of meaning: jo'au cylyly xi papipa (official yacc and jbofi'e ); jo'au camxes (current peg ); jo'au iocixes (zasni gerna of la xorxes , ); jo'au zantufa xi nopipapa (zantufa version 0.11 ); jo'au ilmentufa xi renopavopi'epapapi'erevo (ilmentufa version 2014-11-24 , ); jo'au fancylojban (fancylojban , .); jo'au gadganzu (gadri reinterpretation/reassignment proposal, ; no grammar changes, only semantic)

On grammatical class:

goi'e (exp!)
assign sentence or tu'e...tu'u group to sumti
jo'au (exp!)
change version/dialect of parser