ru'ei VUhU2 experimental cmavo

n-ary operator: n-ary magma/group/ring operator a*b = ab`

Typically will be binary. All properties and structure are defined from context (including the set upon which it operates). Subscripts can denote to which structure (such as group) it belongs and which operator in that structure it is (typically, the subscript will denote in this order; id est: group, then descriptor). Notation may vary. Usually, will map within the structure (unlike a group action). See also: ma'e'o, zi'a'o, gu'ai.

On grammatical class:

unary mathematical operator: reciprocal; multiplicative inverse; [1/a].
trinary mathematical operator: order of magnitude/value/base; [b * (c to the a power)].
binary mathematical operator: number base; [a interpreted in the base b].
binary mathematical operator: ratio; [the ratio of a to b].
binary mathematical operator: to the power; exponential; [a to the b power].
gu'ai (exp!)
binary operator: left group action g.x
ru'ei (exp!)
n-ary operator: n-ary magma/group/ring operator a*b = ab`

In notes:

ma'oi (exp!)
selma'o quote; quotes a word (a cmavo) and uses it to name a selma'o.