cinkyre'u lujvo

r1 is arthropod meat (body-parts regarded as edible) from species/breed r2=c2.

Examples of cinkyre'u that are culturally important to humans include lobster-meat, chapulines, witchetty grubs, sago grubs and prawns. Arthropod 'meat' is, of course, eaten by many non-human animals (nalremda'u) as well. 'Insectivory'/'entomophagy'/'arthropod eating' is cinkyzumcti. An insect- or arthropod-eater is lo cinkycti.

In notes:

x1 eats/ingests/consumes insects/arthropods of species x2.
x1=z1 is entomophagy/insectivory, the eating of insects/arthropods of species x2=cin2 performed by x3=cit1.