clakemkamymeckezrai lujvo

x1 (object/dimension) is shortest among set x2 (set) in respective dimensions x3 (default: the longest for each).

Equivalent to "toryrai". Partially an .u'ivla, but with a little bit of philosophical underpinning: We should measure things by how much they have rather than how much they lack (good: how bright, how strong, how rich; bad: how dark, how weak, how poor) because 0 is the natural starting point and the quantity usually can be increased without upper bound. So, longness is a thing and shortness is a figment of our collective imagination, so to speak. So, "shortest" should really be "least long". Meanwhile, "traji" can accept either valence for extremeness, but defaults to the positive (id est: "most"), so we need to cajole it into the opposite ("least"). Thus, we get this long, gross word.