clite -lit- gismu

x1 is polite/courteous/civil in matter x2 according to standard/custom x3.

Also formal, ritual. See also ritli.

In notes:

x1 is a rite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal x2, by custom/in community x3, with form/rules x4.
xe1=c1 is gracious to xe2 in matter xe3=c2.
m1 is very/extremely polite/courteous/civil in matter c2 according to standard/custom c3.
c1 is rude in matter c2 according to standard/custom c3.
x1 has enryo (Japanese term) in actions x2; x1 acts egoistically to retain their own freedom, prevent their own embarrassment and at the same time acts altruistically by avoiding social involvement without hurting others; x1 socially restrains themselves under the pressure of group solidarity and conformity in order not to hurt other's feelings; x1 is polite