dai UI5 cmavo

attitudinal modifier: marks empathetic use of preceding attitudinal; shows another's feelings.

See also cnijmi.

On affix form:

x1 is a material object enduring in space-time; x1 is a thing.

In definition:

x1 is a stage/platform/dais/[scaffold] at/in x2 supporting x3, made of material x4.

In notes:

ca'edai (comp!)
discursive / expression: "If you say so"
x1 empathizes with x2 in feeling x3.
x1 empathizes with x2, showing same emotion x3 about x4
da'ei (exp!)
attitudinal cause attribution
dai'a (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: marks preceding attitudinal as empathetic with an anticipated attitude; encourages another's feelings.
da'oi (exp!)
attitudinal attribution
fu'au (exp!)
discursive: luckily - not pertaining to luck - unluckily.
koi'e (exp!)
UI-cmavo parenthesis/separator: start grouping
replace recent mistakenly uttered text
noi'u (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: attribution to the attached sumti
zai'a (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: observed emotion; preceding attitudinal is observed on listener
x1 has enryo (Japanese term) in actions x2; x1 acts egoistically to retain their own freedom, prevent their own embarrassment and at the same time acts altruistically by avoiding social involvement without hurting others; x1 socially restrains themselves under the pressure of group solidarity and conformity in order not to hurt other's feelings; x1 is polite