dau'o DAUhO experimental cmavo

Quantifier modifier: endowment of existential import - repeal of existential import/abstention from claiming existence - assertion of non-existence

The immediately previous word must be a quantifier (such as ro) or quantified variable. This word endows the quantification with existential import. If this word is immediately followed by "cu'i" (thereby producing "dau'ocu'i"), then all existential import is explicitly repealed (so that it does not apply) and the result is agnostic on existence; "rodau'o" is technically exactly the same as "ro" alone according to the CLL and means "(for) each/every/all [x, P(x) is true], and strictly more than zero [x] (are asserted to) exist"; meanwhile, "rodau'ocu'i" is a more correct translation of the universal quantifier ("all", "for any/every") in modern logic/math, but it very clearly states that the person is purposefully and knowingly abstaining from asserting existence of non-existence. If it is immediately followed by "nai" (thereby producing "dau'onai"), then non-existence is explicitly, purposefully, and knowingly claimed; the result is more of an 'IF' statement ("if X were to exist, then proposition p(X) would be true (of (all of) X); but X do not exist."). On its own, "rodau'o lo broda cu brode" is equivalent to "ro lo broda cu brode .ije da broda".