drata -dat- gismu

x1 isn't the-same-thing-as/is different-from/other-than x2 by standard x3; x1 is something else.

See also mintu, frica.

In definition:

x1 xarci fi lo ka jai gau cecla ko'a i je ta'e ku ko'a marji lo jinme jo'u lo drata

In notes:

x1 differs/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike x2 in property/dimension/quantity x3.
x1 is the same/identical thing as x2 by standard x3; (x1 and x2 interchangeable).
attitudinal modifier: self-oriented - other-oriented.
c1=d1 is an alias/nickname of c2 used by c3 instead of name d2, differing from it by standard d3.
z1=d1 is a plurality of/more than all other subgroups of z2 as separated/classified by property z3=d3 by amount z4.
x1 is someone else / someone other than x2
ja'u (exp!)
na'e fancuka modal: no matter (indirect question)...
tu'oi'u (exp!)
end connective string, set, list such that the set of terms provided is exhaustive.
x1 (mass/group/set) is the (primary) out-group counterpart to in-group x2 (mass/group/set) with respect to characteristic x3 (ka; truth/proposition), which is possessed/satisfied by x2, where both x1 and x2 are nonempty, strict, mutually disjoint subdivisions of supergroup/superset x4 (mass/group/set), with the othering performed (mentally; not necessarily in a way externally manifested) according to the psyche of x5; x5 others x1 from x2 around focal issue/property x3
x1 and x2 are not indistinguishable from each other, they do not seem to share all their properties (disregarding location and identity), as perceived by observer x3