fantasi fu'ivla

x1 (entity) is fantastical, exhibiting x2 (property of x1), which is relevant to magic, myths or fictive medieval technology and thus extraordinary

See also ranmi, cizra, xanri

On gloss:

nunsne in sense "imagination"
n1 is dreaming/fantasy by s1 dreaming of/fantasizing about s2
fikrfantasi in sense "fictional work"
x1 is a fictional work of fantasy about plot/theme/subject x2 by author x3.

In definition:

c1 is fantasy/magic-oriented fiction about plot/theme/subject c2 by author c3, based on magic m1
x1 is realistic/sane (colloquial sense)/pragmatic/practical/typical/frequent/fairly probable/deemed to be likely to actually happen in real-life (as opposed to in a flight of fantasy or being merely possible but unlikely/abnormal) according to judge x2 and under external conditions/rules for judgment/considerations x3
x1 pertains to/relates to/happens in real-life (IRL) in aspect x2; x1 is (in one sense each, possibly philosophically) not virtual/not via the Internet/not cyber/not simulated/outside of the Matrix/not fantasy/real/realistic
c1 is a dwarf [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2.
c1 is a hob/hobbit [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2.
x1 is science fantasy about plot/theme/subject x2 by author x3
c1 is a dwarf [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2.

In notes:

p1=m3 uses magic/casts spell p2=m1 for purpose/with intended effect p3; p1=m3 is a magic user.
r1=m3 casts magic spell r2=m1 at target r3, r1=m3 is a "spellslinger".
t1=p1 is a dwarf/midget [short in stature resulting from a medical condition; not not necessarily human] by standard t3.