fei'u KEKEhE experimental cmavo

Prefix division by following unit selbri

Cf. pi'ai, te'ai, 1/n, "n/" => n/1, or "/" alone => golden ratio.">fi'u. Essentially attaches "te'ai ni'u pa" to all subsequent unit-selbri in the tanru. E.g. "pi'ai ki'otre fei'u cacra" = "pi'ai ki'otre cacra te'ai ni'u pa" = "kilometers per hour"; "pi'ai mitre fei'u snidu snidu" = meters per second per second. May even be used without pi'ai: "fei'u snidu" = reciprocal of the second / hertz

In notes:

pi'ai (exp!)
Prefix multiplication of unit selbri
te'ai (exp!)
Exponentiation of unit selbri
x1 (collection, body, set, mass, tuple, n-some, etc.) is x2 (li; default: 1) indivisible/atomic/elementary/basic discrete entities (or particles) of type x3 in composition/content, by standard x4; the count of instances of x3 in x1 is x2 by standard x4.
x1 measures to be x2 [li; number] kilogram-meters-per-second by standard x3