jai JAI -jax- cmavo

convert tense/modal (tagged) place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra FA place (fai).

On affix form:

x1 grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/[hugs] x2 with x3 (part of x1) at locus x4 (part of x2).

In definition:

ja'ei (exp!)
jai equivalent of la'e
jai'e (exp!)
elliptical presence or absence of "jai".
jo'ai (exp!)
convert a selbri tag followed by a tanru unit to a tanru unit; differently from {jai}, it does not change the first place of the tanru unit.
x1 xarci fi lo ka jai gau cecla ko'a i je ta'e ku ko'a marji lo jinme jo'u lo drata
x1 is the selma'o "JAI".

In notes:

x1 is generous to x2 by giving x3
x1 (event) is an illusion that deceives/tricks x2 into sensing x3 using sense x4 under conditions x5
x1 (object/person) is unimportant/not crucial/doesn't matter to x2 in aspect x3 under circumstances/in instance (in which x1 participates) x4=vf
x1 is involved in / is related to / pertains to / is a sumti participant in abstraction x2.
x1=p1j (object/person) seems pleasant to/pleases x2=p2 in property x3, in that x1 does/is/partakes in x4=pfai
c1 sculpts/carves c2=l1 from s2 using tool s1
x1 (event) causes jamais-vu to x2 (person) using sense x3 under conditions x4
x1 is an energy transporter for beaming x2 to x3 from x4 over path x5
x1 (event) causes déjà-vu to x2 (person) using sense x3 under conditions x4
x1 resembles x2 in color x3
x1 (event) is deliberate, intentional on the part of x2
x1=r1 (nu) physically causes x2=t1 (object, usually pointed) to poke x3=t2 (experiencer) under conditions x4=r3
grammatically converts LAhE to SE; semantically the result tags the x1 of the selbri as being LAhE the supplied x1. Can be converted to other than x1 with SE.
nau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity is unknown to the speaker
tu'ei (exp!)
makes a new selbri, the first two places of which are to be filled with sumti from the first two abstraction places of the selbri following this word
voi'a (exp!)
pronoun analogical to the vo'a series for the fai-place.
x1 (entity) cancels x2 (event)
re zei taulka
x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'tanru-unit-2' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.