jbofuvi fu'ivla

x1 is a Lojban-derived zi'evla/"self-loan-word" with meaning x2 derived from word(s) x3

From lojbo + fu'ivla, shortening of jbojbofu'ivla. See zi'evla. Examples of jbofuvi: crenzuue, gentufa, aiste, and of course, jbofuvi itself. // Although usually refers to zi'evla, is not necessarily limited to it - jinda (from jipno dirce tarmi) is an experimental gismu that's a jbofuvi, while dzipo (from cadzu cipni) is an original gismu that's also a jbofuvi.

In definition:

x1 is a jbofuvi constructed by y'yfication of non zi'evla x2

In notes:

x1 is an a-priori word (word with no specific etymology from any language), meaning x2 in language x3
x1 is a saddle on mount x2
x1 is a pair of Lojbanists who frequently talk to each other in Lojban by telephone.
x1 is a black hole/singularity with radius of event horizon x2
x1 is a stage-3 fu'ivla with source word x2 and rafsi x3.
x1 is a bow/crossbow/ballista for shooting arrows/bolts x2
x1 performs workout/exercise/training x2 (ka) using equipment/accessories x3.