jvajvo lujvo

l1 is a regular/predictable lujvo (compound predicate word) with meaning l2 and arguments l3 built from phrase l4 and having an argument structure according to rule j1.

A Lojban-specific term. The approach of jvajvo is intended to at least constrain what the x2, x3, x4... etc. of a lujvo may be, and also to draw the semantic values of those places from the semantic values of the places of the component brivla. The rationale is that the place structure of an unknown lujvo should not require memorization. This was previously known as “dikyjvo”; a mistranslation of “regular lujvo”, as it used the wrong sense of “regular” (see dikni).

On gloss:

discursive: forces jvajvo reading of the preceding brivla; +nai: forces naljvajvo reading of the preceding brivla.

In definition:

va'au (exp!)
starts a tanru group with jvajvo-like semantic composition, keeping left grouping.

In notes:

xa1=c1 is a gun/cannon/firearm for use against xa2 by xa3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3.
x1=d1=c1 intensely desires/craves/[needs] x2=d2 for purpose x3=d3 as seen/observed/measured by x4=c3.
m1=f1=b1 grumbles with sound b2 at f2 because of f3 (action/state/property).
f1=sj1 (du'u) is an easy to understand/clear fact/truth to f2=sj2 about subject sj3 under conditions f4.
x1 (agent) causes x2 (event) to modify/alter/change/transform/convert x3 into x4
x1=f2=j1 easily understands fact(s) x2=j2 about x3=j3 under conditions of ease x4=f3.
m1=f1=b1 grumbles with sound b2 at f2 because of f3 (action/state/property).
x1 are friends (of each other, distributively)
x1=p1=c1 is a noodle/pasta/boiled dough eaten by x2=c2 made out of x3=p2 (normally grain(s) or legume(s)) which is boiled in x4=f1 (normally water) at temperature x5=f2 and pressure x6=f3
x1 exceeds x2 is aspect x3 (ka/ni) by factor x4; x1 is/does x3 x4 times as much as x2 is/does.
x1 is talking noise / background chatter to x2 observed via senses x3 of x4 talking to x5 about x6 in language x7.
xa1=c1 is a gun/cannon/firearm launching projectile c2 propelled by c3, for use against xa2 by xa3.