lejykardymi'i lujvo

x1=m1 is a payment card reader for use/function x2=m2, accepting card x3=k1

Machines accepting payment cards (lejykarda), e.g. ATMs and terminals at point of sale/checkout. Cf. maksrikardymi'i, lejykarda, baxydinkarda, jitseldejykarda, detseldejykarda, vamveile'ikarda, banxa, jdini.

In notes:

x1=k1 is a debit/bank/check card with balance x2=j1 at bank/financial institution x3=b1=b2
x1=k1 is a charge card with accumulated debt x2=dej1 to creditor x3=dej3, with due date x4=det1
x1=k1 is a credit card with accumulated debt x2=d1 to creditor x3=d3, with credit limit x4=j1
x1=k1 is a payment card with cardholder x2=p1 for usage x3=p4, accepted by payee/merchant x4=p3
x1=m1 is a magnetic stripe card reader for use/function x2=m2, accepting card x3=k1
x1=k1=vr4 is a stored-value/gift/pre-paid card with stored value x2=va1=vr1 for usage x3=va4=p4, accepted by payee/merchant x4=va3=p3