pi'ai KEKEhE experimental cmavo

Prefix multiplication of unit selbri

Cf. te'ai, fei'u. Used to construct selbri for units such as coulombs, which is pi'ai xampo snidu [ke'e] which is x1 is measured in Coulombs (Ampere-seconds) as x2 (li) etc. Since pi'ai is prefix, pi'ai mitre snidu grake [ke'e] is m s g, etc.; separate multipliers are not necessary.

In notes:

fei'u (exp!)
Prefix division by following unit selbri
te'ai (exp!)
Exponentiation of unit selbri
x1 measures to be x2 [li; number] Joule-seconds by standard x3
x1 measures to be x2 [li; number] kilogram-meters-per-second by standard x3