ro'oi PA4 experimental cmavo

universal plural quantifier. “All.”

ro'oi da” = “na ku su'oi da na ku.” cf. ro which is a universal singular quantifier.

In definition:

x1 (text) is written in a dialect where {su'o}, {ro} quantifiers are treated as {su'oi}, {ro'oi} respectively

In notes:

lo'au (exp!)
presuppositional definite article: the …; the thing(s) which …
no'ai (exp!)
digit/number: absolute zero; nothing; there does not exist; ∄
ru'oi (exp!)
quantifier: "all" (as opposed to "every")
sei'a (exp!)
converts singular quantifier into plural quantifier
su'oi (exp!)
existential plural quantifier. “There is/are.”