ru'e CAI cmavo

attitudinal: weak intensity attitude modifier.

On affix form:

x1 is a process with inputs x2, outputs/results x3, passing through steps/stages x4.

In notes:

pe'aru'e (comp!)
weak metaphor marker: indicates that there is some broadening of the concept, typically to include objects of types that are unusual for the defined place structure, but which retains most of the semantic of the word as defined.
ri'ero'u (comp!)
release of sexual emotion - sexual emotion restraint; erotic fulfillment - impotence/abstinence.
cai'e (exp!)
strong scalar intensifier: extremely...
replace recent mistakenly uttered text
me'ai (exp!)
attitudinal: weaker intensity attitudinal relativizer
na'oi (exp!)
Indicator for moderate or normal attitudinal intensity
noi'e (exp!)
scalar normative: normal in intensity
pei'a (exp!)
scalar / attitudinal question: how very...?
rei'e (exp!)
scalar abator: slightly... / not very...
sai'e (exp!)
scalar intensifier: very...
xu'o (exp!)
attitudinal contour: stronger over time - unchanging intensity - weaker over time