sai CAI cmavo

attitudinal: moderate intensity attitude modifier.

On affix form:

x1 (mass) is a meal composed of dishes including x2.

In notes:

ji'asai (comp!)
pesai (comp!)
restrictive relative phrase marker: semi-permanently associated to; will remain associated unless something breaks that relation
ri'ero'u (comp!)
release of sexual emotion - sexual emotion restraint; erotic fulfillment - impotence/abstinence.
x1 is talking noise / background chatter to x2 observed via senses x3 of x4 talking to x5 about x6 in language x7.
cai'e (exp!)
strong scalar intensifier: extremely...
replace recent mistakenly uttered text
mau'i (exp!)
attitudinal: stronger intensity attitudinal relativizer
na'oi (exp!)
Indicator for moderate or normal attitudinal intensity
noi'e (exp!)
scalar normative: normal in intensity
pei'a (exp!)
scalar / attitudinal question: how very...?
rei'e (exp!)
scalar abator: slightly... / not very...
sai'e (exp!)
scalar intensifier: very...
sai'ei (exp!)
turns PA into CAI; intensity attitude modifier expressed by a mekso.
x1 is a squirrel monkey (genus Saimiri) of species/strain x2.