sibypevyfanva lujvo

x1 metaphorically translates/transfers/extends/applies concept x2 to new context x3 from prior context x4; x1 uses concept x2 in new way x3, derived from prior way x4.

x4 need not be the original or 'literal' context. fanva 'translate' is used here metaphorically, a result of the very process that sibypevyfanva describes: the concept of translation was itself brought into the domain of concepts from the domain of words. sibypevyfanva is somewhat like metfo 'use (a bridi expression) metaphorically', but used with concepts rather than words. Examples of conceptual 'translation' that could be described with sibypevyfanva are the extension of 'utility' to microeconomics from ethics and the extension of 'law' to the natural world from human legal systems (as reflected in the double meaning of the English word 'law'). Probably synonymous with sibypevyfu'i. Some may prefer the sound of the allomorphic form si'orpevyfanva.