u'i UI1 cmavo

attitudinal: amusement - weariness.

See also selzdi, selxajmi, xalbo.

In notes:

x1 (number) is the hour/hour notation of the day, of event/state x2, in system x3.
x1 (number) is the second/second notation of the minute, of event/state x2, in system x3.
x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3.
bu'a'a (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: used to express a fit of overwhelming or uncontrollable laughter; the stereotypical 'evil laugh'
lu'ei (exp!)
convert a grammatical quotation to a tanru unit; x1 expresses/says the quoted text for audience x2 via expressive medium x3.
te'i (exp!)
at a point on time axis
uu'i (exp!)
attitudinal: feeling schadenfreude (pleasure from someone's misfortune) - denying feeling schadenfreude.
xa'a (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: laughter
xe'e'e (exp!)
interjection: laughter/chuckle (heh heh heh)
zei'e (exp!)
marks a construct as used for its form only, not its meaning.
x1 is funny to x2 because it is Lojbanic, in aspect x3.
x1 is amused by x2 / finds x2 funny.
x1 is a word meaning x2 in language x3 and silly/funny/clever for reason x4 (usually etymological).
name: UTC, Universal Coordinated Time (time standard)